A little about us...

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

Helen Keller

Hello There....

I’m Megan Horsfall, a happy + colour loving graphic designer based in Melbourne, Australia. Design is my happy place + that’s why everything I do has a little bit of happy in it.

The professional me.

Why did I become a graphic designer? Well, I love colour, shape and design and I particularly love the way those three elements can play with our emotions. It always amazes me that such things can have a huge impact on the potential success of a business.

I love digging into the heart and soul of the businesses I work with, pulling out their unique personalities which I can then turn into a boutique designer brand. One of the things that I love most about what I do is seeing my client’s businesses flourish after we have worked together to create their brand identity.

Since 2006 I have had the privilege of partnering with many growing businesses, creatives and entrepreneurs to create a visual story for their brand. I work towards creating beautiful and unique designs. I ensure those designs have been thoughtfully and intentionally designed to best benefit your brand, in a way that clearly communicates your message across many platforms.

The design process is not a task that I take on by myself. That’s right. If you come to me, you are part of the process! We work as a team. By completing my brief and chatting with me about your business and passions, you are setting the tone for me to bring your ideas and dreams to life in visual form. I take all your information and create beautiful designs for you to use, across print, signage and digital media.

I love to help you create your complete branding story. From your logo, through to your printed collateral, social media presence and website design, I will help you to create a cohesive intentional approach for your business.

You might like to take a look at some of the brands I’ve helped to create.

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The personal me.

I grew up in Borneo, right on the equator. My childhood was wonderful, surrounded by the living, breathing jungle and its occupants. It was not unusual to find gibbons and orang-utans playing in my back yard. Life was full of excitement, and there was so much to learn and discover.

My childhood has definitely shaped the way I approach design. I have no doubt that my love of colour comes from my days in the jungle, where I enjoyed the vibrancy of the tropical blooms around me. I also learnt to investigate and experience my environment, partly for safety but also partly because what was happening in the jungle had a big effect on our lives.

Now I run Happy Splat Design from a light filled, home based, studio in Caroline Springs, which is a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. I like to learn about my client’s whole business, not just their design need, because like the jungle, what’s happening in their environment has a big effect on their business, too. They go hand in hand. I think it’s this curiosity which helps me design strong and accurate branding for my clients.

I am just one part of our crazy family of seven (Me and My Darling Love, 3 boys, 2 little girls and one unsociable kitty!) Life is fast and hectic, with so many children, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This crazy life fires my imagination and fills me with the energy I need to create amazing brand designs for my clients.

Home is where my happy comes from.

Want to know a little bit more?

I thought you might ….. so here are a few random things about me.

  1. Lollies or Chocolate? Most definitely lollies, any type of jelly, juby, lollies. Especially Jelly Belly Jellybeans … nom nom nom. My husband and I even used these as our wedding favours.
  2. Favourite Movie? I have two favourite movies. Both of them are quite different from each other as they can be, but really both movies highlight people who excel far beyond what is expected of them in their circumstances : The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Gattaca.
  3. Guilty Pleasure? Soy Candles… I love to light candles whenever I can. I love the way that they change the atmosphere of a room with their fragrance and flickering light. At the moment my scents of choice are Vanilla Caramel or Black Raspberry.
  4. Prefect Day? Rainy days rugged up with a blanket watching movies or warm days spent at the beach with my toes in the sand. I love them both for different reasons.
  5. Favourite Flower? The prettiest flower would be the Peony with all it’s delicate ripples, however, the most beautiful smelling flower would be the Frangipani – the heavenly smell takes me back to tropical childhood holidays.