Four Rivers Coffee

+ Branding
+ Marketing Material
+ Illustration + Pattern

Andrew + Pam came to me with a very specific theme for their brand to represent. They gave me quite a detailed brief and put complete trust in me, that I would deliver the perfect logo for them. I believe I did…. and so do they 🙂

I set to work with this brief in mind: The name, Four Rivers Coffee, is derived from the four rivers of Eden in Genesis 2, in the Bible. Rev 2:22 also speaks of the same river and the tree of life with 12 fruits. The image also needs to feature the following elements: four rivers, the tree of life, a menorah candle holder shape as the branches as well as incorporating 12 coffee beans as the 12 fruits.

Combining so many different aspects into one image really challenged and excited me at the same time. I fell in love with the end product and the muted colour palette creates a calmness even though the illustration has many elements.

We have continued with the use of the ‘river pattern’ for marketing material such as the business cards and making it a feature. All in all, Andrew + Pam love their new brand (as do I)!

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