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The Search for the Perfect 2016 Planner

Over coffee, this lovely Saturday morning, I’m online searching for The Perfect Planner for 2016. I’ve seen many posts and reviews on diaries, but I’m after something with more substance than the normal week to a page diary. Perhaps something that helps to set a tone on how you live your life and run your business … and of course it has to be lovely to look at as well. (designer hang ups)

Before I could start my search, I had to narrow down what features I needed in a planner. I went back to my 2015 diary to see how I have been using it this last year. What I have really used and the features that I could have done without. Here is a little snippet of my diary in use (and yes, I did try to pick a ‘neat’ page as many are covered in abstract doodles and multi coloured highlighters).

My 2015 diary was an A4 book, from Typo, that had a week to a double page. Each page was divided up into 3 sections (with a shared section for Sat/Sun). For me, I couldn’t work with just the one big section, I would divide each space up into 4-6 smaller spaces, depending on my needs that day.

  • Email
  • Follow Up
  • WIP List – (Work in Progress)
  • Invoice/Pay
  • Meetings
  • Personal

The monthly layout, was used to write up my social media/marketing plan for the month. All other personal information was written in a different colour at the bottom of each day. With the amount of sectioning and writing that I am doing, I really think that I would benefit from a planner that has a Day to a Page.  I would really like different sections, possibly a space with time slots for the day. But I also want something that is a little smaller to fit in my handbag/satchel(or nappy bay) for meetings. And last but not least, I would love some goal or motivational elements included somehow. After much searching, I have narrowed it down to 6 finalists – and here they are… I really do love them all, but I know I have to pick just one.

OMGoodness….. I saw so much gorgeousness that my search was much harder than I imagined. Over the next week, I will be looking at them a little more in-depth to help me make my choice. Maybe this will help you decide also 🙂

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